Welcome to The Funhouse Brands- we implore you to explore!

Cosmic Funhouse, LLC is a female-founded company founded by Heather McAvoy in 2018. Welcome to our funhouse… explore!

Love and Madness, Inc.

Love and Madness, Inc. Est. 2014, NYC.

Where’s the Party?

Love and Madness is an accessories brand that collaborated with Musicians, Studios, Retailers, and Brands that creates and delivers unique, award-winning product to retailers globally. Specializing in seasonal, we’ve created over 6000 designs since our inception.

Magic & Manifest Est. 2018, NYC.

Got Sparkle?

Magic & Manifest is our CBD Beauty Brand that sells direct to consumer and to Independent stores throughout the United States and Europe. It’s a bit witchy, a bit sparkly, and all organic.

Luv Our Madness Est. 2022, NYC.

There’s no shame in our game

Love Your Madness is a non-profit that targets shame and stigma against mental health using practical steps, through private and government donations that create safe spaces for humans that are in crisis.